Jtb acquired Kuoni

The JTB Group covers every aspect of travel, from sales to service at the destination. With over 1.100 offices in 38 countries, and over 27.000 employees, JTB is one of the biggest Travel Agencies in the world.
In recent years, JTB has accelerated the establishment of new companies, joint-venture companies and M&A with local companies, in order to construct a stronger worldwide network of offices.

Kuoni Turnover 589 million euros – 1,400 employees


Expert People

Shawna Suckow, CMP Award-Winning Speaker Minneapolis-St. Paul

Shawna consults with destinations and suppliers all over the world to help them re-invent how they connectstrategically with planners, and how it can be done with much greater impact.

Are you wondering which trade shows make sense for your company next year?
Curious if you’re advertising in the right way to really connect with your target audience?

If your marketing budget is important to you (and we know it is), Shawna can help you see everything through the eyes of your customers, and make the right decisions to reach them.